The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands (Brandon Herron)

Title: The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands (2013) (USA)
Runtime: 28′
Director(s): Brandon Herron
(Script-)writer(s): Brandon Herron
Producer(s): Bernie Ask
Cast: Bernie Ask, Wayne Degan, Melissa Dickinson, Aldo Hernandez, Tim Hollinsgworth, Sean McCleary, Tony Mills, Matt Milton, Brian Murphy.
Additional Crew: Tony Mills, Melissa Dickinson


A man afflicted with a curse while visiting Bombay, India at the turn of the 20th Century struggles to live life without ever touching another human being. His tragic lack of success in remaining free of all human contact causes the death of casual acquaintances and close friends alike. Ultimately, his curse turns back upon him and his story ends as tragically as those he affected with his curse. Based on the short story written by Stephen King

“The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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