You missed Sonja (Félix Köch)

Title: You Missed Sonja (2012) (GER)
Runtime: 20′
Director(s): Félix Köch
(Script-)writer(s): Félix Köch & Carola M. Lowitz
Producer(s): Paul Andexel
Cast: Christian Erdmann, Oliver Breite, Ute Springer, Greta Galisch de Palma.
Additional Crew: Hector Marroquin, Daniel Carsenty, Dylan E. Thompson


Rick Hardin, a mid-30s author of pulp novels, just wants to pick up his girl Sonja at a lonely gas station. But it seems that the cab has already picked her up. At the rest rooms, he witnesses a man battering a woman. Is it Sonja? Rick decides to help, but has to realize, that the victim is not Sonja at all, but a weird woman, who does not want to be helped. And he has to admit, that life sometimes holds strange twists. Unfortunately, this realization seems to come too late.

“Rest Stop” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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