Love never dies (Peter Szabo)

Title: Love never dies (2012) Bandera de Canadá
Runtime: 37′
Director: Peter Szabo
Script: Peter Szabo
Cast: Reese Eveneshen, Erin Stuart, Carlo Adamo, Colin Paradine, George Papadimitrou, Ry Barrett.


Based on the short story, ‘NONA’ by Stephen King, LOVE NEVER DIES is a psychological thriller about a drifter who wanders the night, seeking to escape his tormented past. One night, he meets the mysterious and seductive Nona, a woman cast from his darkest fantasies, who lures him on a deadly chase to uncover the horrifying truth he so desperately wants to avoid. Inspired by the creepy corners of King’s imagination, LOVE NEVER DIES explores the razor-thin line that separates the allure of love from the romance of murder. Love never dies…but sometimes it kills!

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