Mute (Dana Moe)

Title: Mute (2023/4) (USA)
Runtime: unknown (in Post-Production)
Director(s): Dana Moe
(Script-)writer(s): Dana Moe
Producer(s): Tony Jonick
Cast: Tony Jonick, David Ghilardi, Christopher Weddle, Dominic Olivo, Kathleen Christal
Additional Crew: Alisha McCutcheon, Venee Call-Ferrer, Jim Oppenheimer

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In this short film thriller, salesman Roger Monette picks up a hitchhiker at a freeway rest stop and during the ride, unloads the graphic details of his disintegrating marriage to the vagrant hitchhiker who claims to be deaf and non-verbal. But is he really? 

“Mute” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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