Night Surf (Tony Pomfret)

Title: Night Surf (2015) (UK)
Runtime: 14′
Director(s): Tony Pomfret
(Script-)writer(s): Tony Pomfret
Producer(s): Sashi Kissoon, Wendy Richardson, David Ridley
Cast: Theo Affail, Jamie B. Chambers, Rob Eyles, Zara-Dee Hannay, Gareth Lawrence, Avena Wallace.
Additional Crew: Elio Espana, Lauren Gregory

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The super-flu (a.k.a. A6, Captain Trips) has devastated the world’s population. A group of young survivors cope with the thought that they could be the only ones left when they meet one final victim. A short film based on the story of the same name by Stephen King.

“Night Surf” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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