Nona (Georges Terryn)

Title: Nona (2014) Bandera de Bélgica Bandera de Canadá Bandera del Reino Unido
Runtime: 25′
Director: Georges Terryn
Script: Georges Terryn
Cast: Lotte Vannieuwenborg, Leonard Sillevis, Mathias Vergels, Constantine Gregory, Gabriel Constantine, Kaat Leysen, Matthijs de Haeck, John Flanders, Robert De La Haye, Pascal Maetens, Garvan McGrath, Krisja Mertens, Lucas Tavernier, Griet van Damme, Wouter Vermeiren.


Nona asks “do you love?” and the boy repeats his answer: True love will never die. As a Warden leads “The Boy” to the doctor’s office, he explains what has happened on the road during Valentines night.

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