One For The Road (Sarah Leigh)

Title: One For The Road (2023/4) (UK)
Runtime: unknown
Director(s): Sarah Leigh (Sarah Leigh Maxwell)
(Script-)writer(s): Sarah Leigh
Producer(s): Diane Janssen, Hannah Chapman, Helen Feather, Phil Janssen
Cast:  Frank Harper, Caitlin Sinclair, Taha Rahim, Lydia Denning, Rhiannon Kearns, Seb O’Keefe, Kayleigh Orloff, Freddie McConnell, Jamie Jeyes, Sarah Elliott, Angus Gibson, Emily Long, Michael Asbury, Julian B. Evans, Lia Rose, Billy Chandler, Diane Clelland, Ciara McKenna, Natalie Underwood, S.I.S. Martin
Additional Crew: Tom Watts, John King, Amanda Öman, Grace Morgan

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Boss, a high-end club owner living in New York, receives a call from his estranged best friend in Thailand, revealing he has terminal cancer and needs his help to complete a final bucket list.

The story is set in ‘Salem’s Lot’. We begin the story with three locals, Herb, Booth & Jimmy, who come across a man, Lumley, whose car has broken down. Lumley’s family have been left in the car – alone…in vampire territory! The locals set off to help Lumley reunite with his family, but they are nowhere to be seen…

“One For The Road” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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