One For The Road (William Rush)

Title: One For The Road (2023) (USA)
Runtime: 45′
Director(s): William R.A. Rush
(Script-)writer(s): William R.A. Rush
Producer(s): Xxena N. Rush, S. Hamza Ahmad
Cast: Haulston Mann, Michael Lake, Dom King, Renata Fajti, Daniel Martin Berkey, Gavin Peretti, Eva Emmer, Allie Press, Garrett Matthews, Matthew Ellsworth, Tricia Buerke, Chase Lecuyer, Natalie Bonacci, Jason Lecuyer, Dylan King, Kensington Kauffman, Delaney King
Additional Crew: Michael Joseph Murray, Miranda Jean Larson, Gary Mutch, Danielle Dani King


Boss, a high-end club owner living in New York, receives a call from his estranged best friend in Thailand, revealing he has terminal cancer and needs his help to complete a final bucket list.

“One For The Road” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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