Popsy (Brian Haynes)

Title: Popsy (2006) (USA)
Runtime: 25′
Director(s): Brian Haynes
(Script-)writer(s): Brian Haynes
Producer(s): Ralph Clemente, Greg S. Jones, William Edward Roberts
Cast: Keith Eyles, Navar Summers, Guido Roncallo, Brewier Welch, Angela Abell, Anwar Albaba, Matthew S. Brown, James Cheshire, Marcienne Dwyer, Justin Dyal, Spencer Fike, James Gavin, John Gavin, Matt Hill, Robert Janes, Ray Lloyd, Nicole Mercantini, Darren Summers, Kimberly Thompson, Mayleen Vega.
Additional Crew: Rodrigo Bermudez, Hector Lopez


Briggs Sheridan is not that bad a guy, but he’s going to have to fake it if he wants to survive the next four days. He owes Mr. Reggie fifty grand and it’s time to pay up. Mr. Reggie has a solution, though . . . a job. All Sheridan has to do is complete one simple task and he will make it through the week with all of his body parts intact, as long as the job doesn’t kill him first.

“Popsy” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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