The reaper’s image (Sammy Bates)

Title: The reaper’s image (2013) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 32′
Director: Sammy Bates
Script: Sammy Bates
Cast: Matt Mooningham, Dave Haney, Sonny Burnette, Jeremy Fish, Melanie Boyd, Steve Guynn, Kenny Bates, Rae Hunt, Sammy Bates, Jeremy Dawson, Alysha Kennedy, Adam Pierce, Tyler Pietryga, Layton Sharp, Janel Wilkerson, Delainia Wilkinson.

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Based on the short story ‘The Reaper’s Image’ from bestselling author Stephen King comes a bone chilling tale about a museum curator, Johnson Spangler (Matt Mooningham), who seeks a prized antique mirror that is rumored to be cursed. Denying all the rumors and the mirror’s dark past, Johnson must purchase the mirror from sleazy antique shop owner Samuel Claggert (Sonny Burnette). Upon purchase, Johnson must remove it from the shop’s attic with guide Mr. Carlin (David Haney) who is scared to death of the glass. The two journey to find the prized possession, but it isn’t the only thing they find. They say only chosen people can see The Reaper’s Image in the glass… Will you see it?

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