Rest stop (Stephen Baxter)

Title: Rest stop (2018) Bandera de Canadá
Runtime: 27′
Director: Stephen Baxter
Script: Amy Halloran
Cast: Eric Davis, Adam Alberts, Lorraine-Noelle Pellicone, Kevin Woodhouse, Christopher B. MacCabe, Kayla Henry, Alex Gravenstein, Ryan Doherty, Andrew Campbell, Laurent Pitre, David Hudon, Renato Vettore, Winluck Wong, Aly Slominski, Jean-Noël Côté, Dave Galazzo, Ashleigh Faith Williams, Terry de Sousa, Val Mervis.

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When a mild-mannered English professor, John Dykstra, faces a challenge that shakes him to his core, he has to make a choice – leave an innocent woman to die, or summon his alter-ego, the hardboiled mystery writer Rick Hardin to save her.

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