Rest stop (Stephen Dean)

Title: Rest stop (2018) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 28′
Director: Stephen Dean
Script: Stephen Dean
Cast: Paula Campbell, Eric James Morris, Grace Thomas, Ryan Littmann, Marilyn Light, Alan Levine, Von Jones, Melayne Brooks, Doug Bertolini, Jaymee Vowell, Ivy Nicholson, Linda Marie Johnson, Jennifer Davis Brennan, Joyce Cross.

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Based on the short story by Stephen King (Rest Stop). Acclaimed mystery writer Johanna Dykstra finds herself struggling to deal with the occurrence of daily life when a pen name becomes an alternate personality in the form of Rick Hardin. Johanna’s disgust and resentment towards Hardin becomes a constant debilitating factor of her daily life. One night an unexpected encounter happens at a deserted highway rest stop. This event poises, the often times malevolent, Rick Hardin as an uncanny hero. Johanna Dykstra eventually comes to accept Hardin as a necessary evil due to the unforeseeable dangers and risks of the world around her.

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