Suffer the Little Children – The Bathroom Scene (Ryan J. Hannigan)

Title: Suffer the Little Children – The Bathroom Scene (2005) (USA)
Runtime: 7′
Director(s): Ryan J. Hannigan
(Script-)writer(s): Ryan J. Hannigan
Producer(s): Ryan Hannigan
Cast: Barbara Drum Sullivan, Farrah Peskoff, Alex de Castro, Jon Fordham, Elke Blasi, Anthony Bernaudo, Joseph Bernaudo, Charlie Claiborne, Brian Schiavo
Additional Crew: Frank Sabatella, Christian Winters, Jason Rice, TJ Giordano, Brian Schiavo, Jeremy Selenfriend


An elderly teacher at the Summer Street School, Miss Sidley is disturbed when one of her students tells her that, “Tomorrow a bad thing will happen.” When she probes further into the matter, she discovers that aliens are slowly taking over the bodies of her students.

“Suffer the Little Children” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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