The Man Who Loved Flowers (Aidan Koppinger)

Title: The Man Who Loved Flowers (2024) (USA)
Runtime: unknown (In production)
Director(s): Aidan Koppinger (Aidan Luke Koppinger)
(Script-)writer(s): Aidan Koppinger
Producer(s): Aidan Koppinger
Cast: Jacob Kwak, Sarah Lindley
Additional Crew: unknown

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A young man who buys flowers for his love interest, but he is eventually revealed to be a serial killer who went insane after his lover’s supposed death

“The Man Who Loved Flowers” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

We are going into production next week. We have a cast of students
from my university’s theatre department that we are really happy with
and hopefully we will have some BTS photos for you then!
March 21, 2024
We got the rights through the Dollar Baby Program in the latter
half of last year and have been enjoying the process. We have just
gotten our final cast and crew list and are going to be moving into
production in the next couple weeks!
February 25, 2024

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