The Woman in the Room (Kerry Ann O’Flaherty)

Title: The Woman in the Room (2022)
Runtime: 14′
Director(s): Kerry Ann O’Flaherty
(script-)writer(s): Kerry Ann O’Flaherty
Producer(s): Mike Rymer, Rob Miller, Laura Coull
Cast: Ben Sanderson, Rosanna Preston, Francesca Maria Izzo, Matt Park
Additional Crew: Jacob Pounds


This trailer represents a tease into what you’ll see as we dive into the mind and footage filmed by ‘Johnny’, an alcoholic who slowly witnesses the deterioration of his Mum, diagnosed with stomach cancer. Can he do it? Should he? as Johnny slowly loses his own sense of reasoning and will to live, he ponders the thought of ending his Mum’s suffering through an overdose.

“The Woman in the Room” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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