The Things They Left Behind (Guillaume Heulard & Stéphane Valette)

Title: The Things They Left Behind (2012) (FRA)
Runtime: 17′
Director(s): Guillaume Heulard & Stéphane Valette
(Script-)writer(s): Guillaume Heulard
Producer(s): Alaeddine Serraoui de Lanzac, Julien Mokrani
Cast: Paul Bandey, Sara Verhagen, Aza Declercq
Additional Crew: Adrien Volpi, David Bonenfant, Elodie Seguin, Lisa Bouchet


After losing many colleagues in an unexpected and devastating tragedy, a corporate insurance man discovers their belongings repeatedly popping up in his apartment, much to his horror.

“The Things They Left Behind” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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