A Very Tight Place (Derek Simon)

Title: A Very Tight Place (2012) (USA)
Runtime: 20′
Based on the story: A Very Tight Place
Director(s): Derek Simon
(Script-)writer(s): Derek Simon
Producer(s): Morgan P. Collins, Rachael Fung, Michael L. White
Cast: Patrick Riviere, Andrew Dawson, Fred Melamed, Martin Pfefferkorn, Kevin Kraft, Tim Gilligan, Barbara Ann Davison, Danny Peterson, Pearl Thomas
Additional Crew: Jeffrey Brice, Ben Carey, Joe Greco


Thinking that he is meeting for a resolution of an on-going legal dispute, Curtis Johnson is lured to a deserted construction site by his neighbor, Tim Grunwald, whose electric fences caused the death of Johnson’s beloved dog Betsy. The meeting does not go as either Johnson or Grunwald had hoped.

“A Very Tight Place” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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