Popsy (Jon Mann)

Title: Popsy (2019) Bandera de Canadá
Runtime: 11′
Director: Jon Mann
Script: Jon Mann
Cast: Gary Belding, Kirk Belding, Charley Moore, Rob Ramsay, Avery Winters-Anthony, Amy Jagoe, Killie Jagoe, Lorraine Peters, Ellen Snider, Sheena Butler, Will Mazzerole, Kayla Boyle, Anderson Boyle, Sophie Kotsabasakis, Laura-Beth Bird, Taryn Harris, Lindsay Harris, Chayce Weston, Jack Morris, Rio Morris, Annabelle Allison-Lance, Selah Woodworth, Payton Carr, Billy Watson, Vanessa Morier, Xavier Watson, Skylar Watson.
Cinematographer: Jack Leahy


A young boy is abducted outside of a shopping mall to surprising consequences

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