Umney’s Last Case (Rodney Altman)

Title: Umney’s Last Case (2006) (USA)
Runtime: 18′
Director(s): Rodney Altman
(Script-)writer(s): Rodney Altman & Emma Heald
Producer(s): Jason F. Brown, Leo Fialho
Cast: Joel Nagle, Jim Doerr, Mark Margolis, Christina Dunham, David Benger
Additional Crew: Magela Crosignani, Alex Ferrari, Tena Golding


It’s just another ordinary day in 1930s Los Angeles for private investigator Clyde Umney, until a new client walks into his office. Umney soon learns that his client is the crime-fiction writer who not only created him, but now needs to switch places with him.

“Umney’s Last Case” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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