Willa (Corey Mayne)

Title: Willa (2018) (CAN)
Runtime: 15′
Director(s): Corey Mayne
(Script-)writer(s): Barbara Szeman & Corey Mayne
Producer(s): Barbara Szeman, Jeremy Campbell, Kerry-Lee Finkle, Chris Ihlenfeldt, Emma Malm, William Roberts
Cast: Adrian Jaworski, Kelsi Mayne, Nick Szeman, Madison Seguin, Lisa Hinds, Shaun Mazzocca, Michael Wisniewski, Gar Reid, Daisy Fernando, Scarlett Rose Taylor, Ian Ho, Bex Carney, Kelly Cartier, Mary Connor, Sarah Stadnicki, Myrna Wolfe-Maxwell, Will Sharpe, Calder Russell Nicholson, Eunice Almeida, Julie Ferguson, Brenda Murphy, Wayne Nicholson, Beth Serednicki, Jane murphy, Lee Campeau, Amanda Conte, Nancy Finkle, Braden Kenopic, Edward Gibson, Jane Pearn, Ezra Lewis, James Hayes, Sheilagh Scanga, Marla Stock, Chris Kenopic.
Additional Crew: Ho Ling Tang, R. Scott Phillips, Lauren Brandon

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A group of passengers, including David Sanderson, milling about in a train station following a derailment. Unable to find his fiance, he sets out to a nearby town despite the insistence of the other passengers that he stay and wait for the shuttle train. David encounters a wild wolf on the three-mile hike into town, but ultimately tracks his fiance down at a local bar, where she helps him to understand something fundamental about them both that they have already known for a long time.

“Willa” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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