Nicholas Pople

He played in Christian Haywood‘s Dollar Baby L.T.’s Theroy of Pets as L.T.

SKSM: Could you start with telling me a little bit about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

Nicholas Pople: I am a professional actor. I studied at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and graduated in 2016. During the past three years, I have found roles in mainly short films but want to continue onto feature films, voice over work and motion capture. When I’m not acting, I work at an axe throwing place called ‘Whistle Punks’ as an axe throwing instructor.

SKSM: When did you know you wanted to become an actor?

Nicholas Pople: I realised that I wanted to pursue an acting career during my second year at university. Originally, I wanted to become a doctor in the British Army. I studied Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University. However, I soon realised that I didn’t have the passion to be a doctor or the discipline to be in the army. I performed in several theatre productions whilst at University and quickly discovered that I loved acting. I then thought why not pursue a career doing what I love? My family and myself agreed that I would finish my original degree and then move on to study acting.

SKSM: How did you become involved in L.T.’s Theory of Pets Dollar Baby film?

Nicholas Pople: I found the advertisement on a casting website called ‘Backstage’. After reading the synopsis, I thought the story sounded both interesting and original. The role also involved acting alongside animals which was something I had never done before. I applied for the role and was lucky enough to be accepted for it.

SKSM: What do you think it is about the story that attracts people so much?

Nicholas Pople: A lot of people have owned pets or consider owning them at some point. L.T’s Theory of Pets provides an original look into how getting a pet can affect both you and your relationship with others. I believe it is a clever mix of comedy and drama. When reading a script for the first time, it isn’t often that I actually laugh out loud. However, this script does an excellent job of telling a powerful, dark story and blending it with good humour. It also involves animals and everyone loves animals!

SKSM: Did you have to audition for the part or was it written directly for you?

Nicholas Pople: I had to audition. Originally, I sent an email application which included a short video showing some of my previous work. I then went for a face to face audition with Christian and a couple of other members of the team. We had a good chat about the story and character before I performed some bits of the script for them to see.

SKSM: You worked with Christian Haywood on this film, how was that?

Nicholas Pople: It was an absolute pleasure! Christian and his team were the ideal crew. They were calm, organised, friendly and made me feel very at ease. Christian had a very clear vision and planned it all very well. Thanks to their work, they made a very challenging shoot look simple and easy.

SKSM: Was there any funny or special moment when they made the movie that you would like to tell me about?

Nicholas Pople: One of my favourite moments was working with Maddie the dog. She was so adorable and affectionate. Throughout the film, my character in meant to get angrier with the dog but this was made very difficult by the puppy eyes looking back at me. I would often break down into laughter because pretending to be angry at her was so challenging.

SKSM: Do you still have any contact with the crew/cast from that time? If so with who?

Nicholas Pople: I keep in contact with Christian about any updates on L.T’s Theory of Pets. It is a very good film and I’m curious to see how the public responds to it.

SKSM: What are you working on nowadays?

Nicholas Pople: Since performing in L.T’s Theory of Pets, I have been lucky enough to be involved in a number of short films. As an actor you are constantly looking for the next job. You keep applying for roles and maintain a positive attitude.

SKSM: Are you a fan of Stephen King’s work?

Nicholas Pople: I love Stephen King’s books. Currently, I am reading Pet Sematary but I have also read It, The Shining and Misery. If you want a book that will keep your interest and genuinely give you the creeps then Stephen King is your man.

SKSM: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Nicholas Pople: I am a qualified rescue scuba diver!

SKSM: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything you want to say to the fans that read this interview?

Nicholas Pople: First of all, thank you for reading my interview and I hope you found it interesting. If you haven’t seen L.T’s Theory of Pets yet than please do because it is very much worth a watch. I am very pleased with how good it is and I hope you like it too.

SKSM: Do you like to add anything else?

Nicholas Pople: Thank you for interviewing me. It was a pleasure!

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