Grey Matter

Grey Matter – Original Score EP by Michael Freckelton.
Release Date: June 20; 2018.


When the short film “Grey Matter” was screened to its audience in the Kay Meek Theatre, Michael Freckelton’s soundtrack appeared in edited form, with numerous sample overdubs being added to fill out the more atmospheric tone of the original recordings. These original recordings now appear on this EP in unedited form.

Written and produced by Michael Freckelton.

Cover art from the teaser trailer of “Grey Matter”.

01 Opening Credits

This track was originally written as one of two mixes for a possible end credits score for the film, but it seems it was edited and re-purposed for the opening credits, which worked really well.

02 Where’s Trevor?

This one’s appearance is also edited from what I originally sent in, more than anything else from my submissions I think. I had however written the score so that it could be easily manipulated into whatever shape it needed to be, which I suppose is a great advantage of loop-based music. The buzzing in the latter half of the track is something I thought very highly of – played loud enough and it becomes extremely oppressive, which I thought was fantastic.

(Yes, that piano piece is pilfered from “Sally’s Shadows”. I figured nobody would really notice if I stole from myself.)

03 Chase Sequence

In the final film this track was, shall we say “enhanced” with extra orchestral flourishes. All in all that was actually probably a very good move – given how little there actually is in this track, it probably needed a little more meat on it for it to have any real effect.

04 End Credits

When I was asked to write the end credits music, I was originally directed to keep it sparse, like the “Blade Runner Demo” on “Grey Matter: Demo Tape”. The result of that was the mix that was used in the opening credits, but upon playback I felt like it was missing something, so I created an alternate mix with a bass loop that made the whole thing sound very “Stranger Things” in style. I sent it off too, and apparently the director liked it because when I watched the film there it was over the end credits.

Original Soundtrack to the film Grey Matter, directed by Cole Nelson.

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