Beachworld (Brian Dailey)

Title: Beachworld (2022) (USA)
Based on the story: Beachworld
Director: Brian Dailey
Script: Brian Dailey
Cast: Olyvia Rose, Carl Conrath, B.B. Ross, Jon Good, Harold Hutchinson, Jeanette George, Brian Dailey.
Producer: Jeanette George

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Thousands of years into the future a spaceship traveling through a miscalculated wormhole crashes on a distant planet. The crew struggle for survival among the shifting sands, and encounters with other worldly visitors.

“Beachworld” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Production started in July of 2021. The the film was shot in Erie
Pennsylvania using \a poor-man’s motion tracking sound stage by
lining the inside of a garden shed with green screen material, and
hanging a camera from an articulating arm in the center. Many scenes
where actors appear together on screen, were actually filmed individually
and merged using a computer in post production. Due to the limited
size of the shed. I feel extremely fortunate to have gone through this experience.
July 19, 2023

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