Cain Rose Up (Jake Kyler Kaufman)

Title: Cain Rose Up (2013/Cancelled) (USA)
Runtime: unknown
Based on the story: Cain Rose Up
Director(s): Jake Kyler Kaufman
(Script-)writer(s): Jake Kyler Kaufman
Producer(s): Jake Kyler Kaufman
Cast: Spencer Bergman
Additional Crew:


A depressed and homicidal college student Curt Garrish, who goes on a murderous sniper rampage from his dorm room at the end of the school year. Curt talks frequently about how people should either do the best they can with their life or die.

“Cain Rose Up” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish the project back in 2013 due to controversial nature of the script (that I made more controversial by changing the ending). However, the future seems to be currently in my favor and it seems like a project that I’ll be working on soonish.August 27; 2017

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