Flower man (Gerard Ender)

Title: Flower man  (2013) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 15′
Director: Gerard Ender
Script: Gerard Ender
Cast: Gerard Ender, Sara Jerez, Rebecca Brighton, Karen Carbone, Marian Licha, Bus Howard, Gwendolyn Briley-Strand, Al Twanmo, Jasmin Quioco, Sherri LaReaux, Jolayan Jackson, Rebekah Alcantara, JD Quioco, Sheldon Scott, Jack Caminos, Ethan Boshart, Hayden Boshart, Meddox Boshart, Andrew Arlotto, Adam Pine, Thomas Rizzoli, Camille Jones, LaNaiya R. Blackwell, David Bamber.

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Who is Norma? A middle-aged man wanders through life searching for his true love, yet is she just around the corner? In our story, which is adapted from Stephen King’s short story, ‘ The Man Who Loved Flowers’, our hero searches for his soul mate. Battling with his demons, a string of bodies is left behind him as a result of his quest.Set in any city, the man wants to offer his love, and some flowers, to the woman of his dreams.

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