Cain Rose Up (Amy Nigro)

Title: Cain Rose Up (2020) (USA)
Runtime: 13′
Director(s): Amy Nigro (Amy J. Nigro)
(Script-)writer(s): Amy Nigro
Producer(s): Mitali Khare
Cast: Kory Getman, Sebastian Feichtinger, Jay Schmidt, Jacob Zelonky, Adam Woldvedt, Fernando Mitre, Judah Lyfe, Chris Pinto, Cara Anmmarie, Rhoda Pell.
Additional Crew: Pamela Eunicet(Eunicet Pamela), Ainamkoz Yemzharova, Alyssa Angeles, Jenny Mochahari, Andrew Freeman

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After a lifetime of enduring his father’s brutal religious indoctrination, a college student becomes so tortured by the vision of who he is “supposed” to be that he takes a radical and irrevocable action to quell his internal turmoil.

“Cain Rose Up” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved.

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