Captain trips (Jim Rawley)

Title: Captain trips (2011/Cancelled) (USA)
Runtime: unknown
Director(s): Jim Rawley
(Script-)writer(s): Jim Rawley
Producer(s): Jim Rawley
Cast: unknown
Additional Crew: unknown

The story follows one evening on a place called Anson Beach, New Hampshire, with a group of teens, survivors of a catastrophic virus called A6, or “Captain Trips”, that has wiped out virtually the entire population. The virus was said to have originated in Southeast Asia.

Night Surf is about the outbreak of Captain Trips, the flu virus
that kills 99% of the exterminates world population. Jim has
chosen to use ‘Captain Trips’ as his working title.
March 2, 2011

“Night Surf” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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