Luckey Quarter (Lucky Bailey)

Title: Luckey Quarter (2024)
Runtime: ?′
Director: Lucky Bailey / Rachelle Bailey
Script: Lucky Bailey
Cast: Lolly Boroff


Darlene Pullen, who is a struggling single mother with two children (a rebellious teenage daughter and a sickly young son) and an unfulfilling job as a maid, is left a tip of a single quarter with a note saying that it is a “luckey [lucky] quarter”. She takes a quick gamble on it and finds that it brings her some small luck. Moving on to a real casino, she keeps trying her luck, and soon she’s winning thousands of dollars. All seems to be going exceedingly well until she suddenly reappears back in the hotel room, left with nothing but her lucky quarter. All of her success was a fantasy.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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