El Quinto Fragmento (Isma Rubio)

Title: El Quinto Fragmento (1997) (ESP)
Runtime: 12′
Based on the story: The Fifth Quarter
Director(s): Isma Rubio (Ismael Rubio)
(Script-)writer(s): Ismael Rubio
Producer(s): Ismael Rubio
Cast: Isma Rubio, Jose Antonio Gimeno, Javi Gracia, Jose Antonio Jimenez, Raul Marin
Additional Crew:

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A assassin decides to avenge an old friend, dead murdered in his arms. With only a street address as a clue, he will discover the murderous plan of a band of mobsters to seize all the booty of a robbery committed years ago.

Note: this is not an official dollar baby

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