Night Surf (Greg Gentry ll)

Title: Night Surf (2020) (USA)
Runtime: 1h 06′
Director(s): Greg Gentry II
(Script-)writer(s): Greg Gentry II
Producer(s): Greg Gentry II
Cast: Jordan HInes, Heather Jordan, Chris Ylitalo, Abbie Newman, Ariana Russell, Alex Hardy, Ivy Riddles,Grady Flategraff, Cade Fink, Deanna Root, Logan Gjovik
Additional Crew: unknown

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Based on the short story from Stephen King’s collection “Night Shift,” “Night Surf” follows the lives of six college students living on a beach in the final days of a global pandemic called “Captain Trips.” When they find a sick stranger named Alvin, they make a decision which will go on to shape all of their fates.

Note: This is not an official Dollar Baby

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