Flowers (Martin Genovski)

Title: Flowers (2017) Bandera de Bulgaria
Runtime: 21′
Director: Martin Genovski
Script: Alexandra Velikova
Cast: Boris Kashev, Vittoria Nikolova, Svetlana Smoleva, Marshall Bradley, John Branch, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Kirsten Foe, Delaney Hagfeldt, Rebecca Jabbar, Payam Karamooz, Heather Kendrick, Mikki Lipsey, Leigh Nishi-Strattner, Natashia Pardo, Gabrielle Paris, Angelica Schay, Megan Smith, Douglas Hanford Snyder, Jennifer Voshell, Carly Woods.


Christine /23/ is Stephan’s fifth victim. After the lose of his beloved Ann, he kidnaps woman, that look like her. Stefan want’s to relive the memories with his love. Christine gives him the desired but the closer that they experience makes him unsure of his feelings and confuses him even more.

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