Prey for Us (Nick Jones Jr)

Title: Prey for Us (2016) (USA)
Runtime: 20′
Director(s): Nick Jones Jr.
(Script-)writer(s): Nick Jones Jr.
Producer(s): Kristin Alcala, Brian Kirchoff, Yuri Lowenthal, Ashley Miller, Jennifer Munro Miller, Tara Platt, Fred Raskin, Valentina Sgro
Cast: unknown
Additional Crew: Tirsa Hackshaw, Todd Harris, Joseph Trapanese, Eduardo Ramirez

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A man in debt with the mob must take to abducting children to ensure the safety of his own daughter. Though his next target’s secret proves to be even more deadly and dangerous than the mob boss he fears.

“Popsy” © 1993 Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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