I Know What You Need (Rik Joel Carter)

Title: I Know What You Need (1983/4) (USA)
Runtime: 42′
Based on the story: I Know What You Need
Director(s): Rik Joel Carter (Rik Carter)
(Script-)writer(s): Rik Joel Carter
Producer(s): Rik Joel Carter
Cast: unknown
Additional Crew: unknown


Told from the perspective of a popular, college-age girl named Elizabeth Rogan, the premise of this story concerns her sudden, unexpected attraction to a social outcast named Ed Hamner, Jr., whose paranormal ability to perceive what will make any person happy has not resulted in his own happiness.

“I Know What You Need” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Rik: That film, shot on Super 8, hasn’t been digitized.
The reels just sit on a shelf in a closet.
February 17, 2024

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