In the deathroom (Nicole Jones-Dion)

Title: In the deathroom (2019) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 19′
Director: Nicole Jones-Dion
Script: Nicole Jones-Dion
Cast: Scott Bailey, Michael Anthony Perez, Andrew Bering, Lenox Knight, Mario Rocha, Lucas Sequeira, Ron Sequeira, Crystal Mantecon, Lauren Elyse Buckley, Kane French, William Lex Ham, Daniel Osona, Andrew Joseph Perez, Carlos C. Duarte, Joshua Fallat, Ivonne Durant, Jacqueline Tatum.
Producer: James Moorer
Cinematographer: Rachel Garcia-Dunn

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Based on the short story by Stephen King. Fletcher, a reporter from The New York Times, has been captured by members of a South American dictatorship and brought into a “deathroom” for interrogation.

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