Into the Night (Walter Perez)

Title: Into the Night (2019) (USA)
Runtime: 33′
Director(s): Walter Perez
(Script-)writer(s): Walter Perez
Producer(s): Ahmet Akinci, Marc Mora, Jesus Santillan, Elizabeth Arguilez, Orlando Bedolla, Maria Castro, Anthony Olazabal
Cast: Aly Trasher, Sofia Kaempfe, Drew Macias, Bob Saldana, David Philip Fishman, Evan Carver, Marc Mora, Russ Andrade, Adrian De Leon
Additional Crew: Noah Andrade, Christijana Mora, Tia Phan, Harout Darmanchyan

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A yuppie seeks help from two townspeople in finding his wife and daughter, during a blizzard storm.

“One for the Road” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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