Mute (Pablo Knappe Rodriguez)

Title: Mute (2023) (EST)
Runtime: 13′
Director(s): Pablo Knappe Rodriguez
(Script-)writer(s): Pablo Knappe Rodriguez
Producer(s): Laurenz Feidicker, Alexander Grohmann-Velchev, Loreto Rodriguez Untoria
Cast: Michael Jamak, Johan Elm, Stephan Benson, Raneli Ruul, Diego Marques, Ergo Kuppas, Lucia Deuerling, Philipp Schon
Additional Crew: Dirk Hoyer, Yannick Mayer, Daria Zekert

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A lonely salesman struggles to find peace after the murder of his wife. Even though he isn’t to blame for her involuntary passing he just can’t but feel responsible, because he once told a not involved hitchhiker too much about his life.

“Mute” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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