L.T’s Theory of Pets (Brad C. Hodson)

Title: L.T’s Theory of Pets (2009/Cancelled) (USA)
Director: Brad C. Hodson
Script: Brad C. Hodson

A husband and wife who naively buy each other a dog and a cat but find they don’t quite get on with their pets as expected, and, as their marriage diminishes, the animals become not just a cause for total chaos in their house, but a poetic reflection of their relationship. 

“L.T’s Theory of Pets ” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

At the time I optioned it, we had wanted to shoot on 35mm film and had a very specific cast in mind. Once the final Budget came in, the entire project just became out of reach for us financially. Then in the years since, I’ve had two kids, as well as other film projects take off, novels to work on, etc. So the months stretched into years. February 22, 2019

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