Luckey Quarter (Robert David Cochrane)

Title: Luckey Quarter (2005) (USA)
Runtime: 11′
Director(s): Robert David Cochrane
(Script-)writer(s): Robert Cochrane
Producer(s): Gregg Cannizzaro, Phyllis Cesare-Taie, Jeremy Settles
Cast: Elise Robertson, Tina Adams, Andrea Bowen, Rusty Meyers. Ernell Manabat, Don Circle, Robert Cochrane, Louis Eppolito, Bridgette Holloman, Mike Marino, Ryan Miller.
Additional Crew: Charlie Ghalag, Jeffery Alan Jones, Michael Negrin, Mike Hendry


A down-on-her-luck chambermaid in a ramshackle Carson City hotel gets a quarter for a tip. What she doesn’t realize is it’s a ‘Luckey’ Quarter.

“Luckey Quarter” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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