The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands (Ian Klink)

Title: The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands (2009)(USA)
Runtime: 18′
Director(s): Ian Klink
(Script-)writer(s): Kevin Erhard
Producer(s): Max Crandall, Jordan Yost
Cast: Matt Prialux, Kylan McKim, Justin Edmundson, Will Belaise, Brandys Poole, Adam Dolin
Additional Crew: Brenda Morie, Rick Shepardson, Chase Hildenbrand, Chelsea Parker, Shaun Burdick


Follows Henry Brower’s last attempt to reconnect with humanity. However, things prove more difficult than expected when a friendly poker game turns deadly.

“The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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