Nona (Massimo Volta)

Title: Nona (2016) Flag of Italy.svg
Runtime: 39′
Director: Massimo Volta
Script: Massimo Volta
Cast: Rebeca Willig, Mattia Chico, Mirko Paletti, Theo Querel, Derek Allen, Carley Johnston, Akman Fuoco, Davide Di Sciascio, Cristiano Noci, Giorgio Cusin, Gienchi Gap, Alessandro Tavoni, Carolina Piovano, Savigne Barbosa, Leonardo Piccamiglio.
Composer: Henoel Grech

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This is the story of a young man being held in prison, recounting his life as a college dropout who had met and fallen in love with a beautiful girl named Nona while aimlessly hitchhiking in search of his father’s tomb. He is then seduced by Nona into murdering several innocent bystanders. Somewhere near Stephen King’s fictional town of Castle Rock, Nona lures the narrator to a graveyard, and, when asking the repeated question ‘Do you love?’ leads him to madness. It is not immediately clear whether or not the narrator has encountered a supernatural force, or if Nona is a figment of insanity until the last unexpected twist.

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