Popsy (Mattson Tomlin)

Title: Popsy (2009) (USA)
Runtime: 9′
Director(s): Mattson Tomlin
(Script-)writer(s): Mattson Tomlin
Producer(s): Whitney Rothe
Cast: Neville Archambault, Nicholas Cabello, Robert Curtis, Kevin Gebhard
Additional Crew: Pick Bickmore, Emily Tomasik, Michael Oshins, Abe Danz


Owing a large amount of money to Mr. Wizard, Sheridan, a photographer with a secret, is forced to take to the streets and begin kidnapping little boys to pay off his debt. When he comes across a boy named Sam, he doesn’t worry about Sam’s ‘Popsy’ catching up with him, until it’s too late…

“Popsy” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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