Rest stop (Patrick Abernethy)

Title: Rest stop (2015) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 14′
Director: Patrick Abernethy
Script: Grady Michael Hill
Cast: Jonathan Foust, Nick Alexander, Bella Bellitto, Mario McIlwain, Michael Hill, Blair Hoyle, Elizabeth C. Dennis, Michael Bardon, Brazill Vasquez, Andrew Merk, Mitchell Starnes, Ereka Atherton, Brent Lester, Storm Holland, Nick Merk, Daniel Rogers, Jacob Couchenour, James Robert Wood.

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John Dykstra, a mystery novelist better known as Rick Hardin, stops at rest stop on his way home. When he hears a woman being abused in the bathroom, he’s forced to decide who he really is and what he’s willing to do.

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