Suffer the little children (Bernardo Villela)

Title: Suffer the little children (2006) Bandera de Estados Unidos
Runtime: 20′
Director: Bernardo Villela
Script: Bernardo Villela
Cast: Angela Pietropinto, Adam Montgomery, Chris Lutkin, Bob Bowersox, Chandler Coniglio, Tori Lackey, Justin Jahnke, Taylor Chendel-Skye Willis, Johnny Pulcinella, Chris Covone, Rebecca Blaich, Nora Burns, Klara Ladyzhensky, Lily Lidell, Nicholas Alexander Martino, Elizabeth Miller, Remy Panagos, Kendall Phillips, Samantha Pryor, Stephanie Pryor, Quinten Staton, Samantha Satnick, Karlynn Faith Wells, Sami Christmann, Mark Hewlett, Dominick Liguori, Victoria Masteller, Scott Miller, Mollie Montgomery, Nick Tentilucci, Dave Rubin, Michael Robinson, Gretchen Clarke, Jordan Flash Rose.


Miss Sidley has a very odd student, named Robert, who begins quietly staring at her. Stating that he is a monster and that there are more of them in the class, Miss Sidley takes matter into her own hands. Are you one of them?

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