The Last King (Kaveh Mohebbi)

Title: The Last King (2023)
Runtime: unknown
Based on the story: The Doctor’s Case
Director: Kaveh Mohebbi, Ali Mashayekhi
Script: Kaveh Mohebbi
Cast: Maz Jobrani, Tara Grammy, Nazanin Nour, Tehran Von Ghasri, Dadyar Vakili, Shila Vosough Ommi, Shiva Negar, Payam Banifaz, Marshall Manesh

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A world famous Iranian detective Shahriar and his ward Vahid who are called upon the murder of a shipping magnate. His list of suspects, short but close to him, his three daughters and wife stand by as they tell their version of the events leading up to the patriarchs death. The short film will be a Farsi-language.

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