The Monsters Hunt at Night (Joseph Pieken)

Title: The Monsters Hunt at Night (2020) (USA)
Runtime: 60′
Director(s): Joseph Pieken
(Script-)writer(s): Joseph Pieken
Producer(s): Robert Tilden, Zach Rau
Cast: Justin Elijah, Nicole Hall, Josh Bartlett, Kelsea Botwinik-Hruza, Derek Brown, Kevin Hengler, Amara Ivancic, David Padilla, Austen Peters, Jeff Vaughn
Additional Crew: Dane Gerous Schmidt

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Sheridan returns home after a night of gambling, after receiving a mysterious phone call he attempts to find a girl he once stole.

“Popsy” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

Joseph Pieken: It was a part of the dollar baby program!March 12, 2024

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