The Woman in the Room (Patrick Marcel Benito)

Title: The Woman in the Room (2017) (GER)
Runtime: 30′
Director(s): Kyra E. Lukas & Patrick Marcel Benito
(script-)writer(s): Patrick Marcel Benito
Producer(s): Kyra E. Lukas
Cast: Marcel Zuber, Carolin Arntz, Lena Mall, Fabian Mernando


Jonathan’s sister Klara is terminally ill with cancer and vegetating in the hospital. Him makes the situation very difficult. When he visits his sister, he thinks of beautiful days in the past and the difficult time since the diagnosis. The young woman is now bedridden and in need of help, including her mental health condition is increasing. Half delirious, she mentions that herself wish it was all over. When his sister asked him for painkillers the next day, Jonathan gives her a lethal dose. He is shocked by his own deed – but for the first time since the diagnosis he can clear again think.

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