Under the Weather (Egor Dolgikh)

Title: Under the Weather (2019) (RUS)
Runtime: 23′
Director(s): Egor Dolkigh
(Script-)writer(s): Alexey Firsov
Cast: Alexey Firsov, Julia Murashchenkova, Elmira Ershova, Egor Dolgikh, Maxim Yerchenko, Dmitry Parmon, Nikita Vorontsov, Oleg Snegirev, Ekaterina Orachevskaya, Anatoly Ivanov, Olga Filon, Daniil Khrushchev, Daniil Bodrov, Roman Spiridonov.
Additional Crew: Igor Zyuzko


Brad Franklin wakes up from a nightmare. His wife, Ellen, is asleep beside him in bed; she isn’t feeling well after a recent bout of bronchitis. Brad takes Lady, their dog, for a walk. As he leaves the building, he learns from the doorman that exterminators are coming in the afternoon to check on a foul odor that’s suspected to come from a dead rat in a neighboring apartment.

“Under the Weather” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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