Willa (Warren Duncan)

Title: Willa (2024) (AUS)
Runtime: unknown (in Production)
Director(s): Warren Duncan
(Script-)writer(s): Warren Duncan
Producer(s): Warren Duncan, Samuel Peralta
Cast: Tahlia Crinis
Additional Crew: Helen Tuck


A man finds himself in a train station in Crowheart Springs, Wyoming after an apparent wreck with a few of the other passengers. Unable to locate his fiancee, Willa, he decides to set out to a nearby town—where he knows she would go—to find her. The others try to convince him that not only is the train going to arrive any minute to pick them up, going to town is dangerous as the almost three-mile hike goes straight through deserted terrain that is inhabited by dangerous wolves. Ignoring their advice, he heads into town and has a close encounter with one of the wolves on the way.

“Willa” © Stephen King
Used with Permissions. All Rights Reserved

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