Morality (Michael Molina Minard)

Title: Morality (2014) (USA)
Runtime: unknown
Director(s): Michael Molina Minard
(Script-)writer(s): Mike Molina
Producer(s): Monique Alofs, Michael Molina Minard
Cast: Joachim Boyle, Gerrard Lobo, James Lurie, Monica Orozco
Additional Crew: Jordan T. Parrott

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A married couple, the wife a nurse. She works for a minister, retired and needing help. He makes a proposal to her and now she and her husband have to decide to take the money or not. Stephen holds out what the proposal is till the last 3rd of the story where we see what it is. “Short, dark and sweet: the power of a female anti-hero comes alive.”

This is NOT an official Dollar Baby

The production was a weekend on Columbia U. campus while I was
attending my MFA. I wrote and directed as a part of a class exercise.
October 10, 2023

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