The Mangler Reborn (2005)

A decade after the original massacre, another man obsessed over his machine ends with several murders and possession.

Released on: November 29, 2005
Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes
Director(s): Matt Cunningham, Erik Gardner
Writer(s): Matt Cunningham, Erik Gardner
Producer(s): Barry Barnholtz, Mark Burman, Melvin Butters, Dan Golden, Petrea Kasper, Melinda Manos, Scott Pearlman, Richard Ricart
Cast: Aimee Brooks, Reggie Bannister, Weston Blakesley, Scott Speiser, Juliana Dever, Sarah Lilly, Renee Dorian, Rhett Giles, Jeff Burr
Additional Crew: Thaddeus Wadleigh, Matthew Cassel
Remake(s): None

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